Treatment FAQ’s


Addiction is a disease of isolation. Part of an effective treatment program includes re-involving the patient into the stream of life without the use of drugs or alcohol. It should also include a chance to reflect on the consequences of addiction, the actions that no longer serve the patient and improving relationships using increased clarity of thought. For that reason, it’s important to choose a treatment center based on an appropriate level of interaction and lack of distraction. For instance, a facility that offers private rooms and shopping trips might be tempting but it could be counterproductive.


  • Do you use a twelve-step model of treatment? If not, how does yours differ?
  • Do you provide one-on-one counseling? What are the qualification requirements for your counselors?
  • Do you take insurance?
    • What does insurance cover?
    • What would my financial responsibility be in the event insurance providers deny coverage before I complete treatment?
    • What happens if I do not have the funds to pay the remaining costs? Will I be discharged from treatment?
  • What is included in your price? (There can be many hidden costs in treatment and it’s best to understand this at the outset)
    • Is detoxification Included?
    • Do you provide medical detox or social detox?
    • Per day costs or comprehensive? (Some addictions require longer detox)
    • Labs?
    • Medications?
    • Doctor’s visits, psychiatric evaluations, nursing, personal attendant?
  • What if the patient leaves without finishing treatment? Do you reimburse for unused time?
  • Do you have a family program?
    • Is that cost included?
  • Do you provide follow up care after the patient has completed treatment?
    • Is that cost included?
  • Do you provide treatment for dual diagnoses?
  • Do you provide any pain management services to assist those with underlying pain?
  • Do you provide any exercise facilities?
A Way Out’s support has given me hope and I have stayed sober, since treatment, which is nothing short of a miracle.

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