Thank You A Way Out

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To whom it may concern,

I want to thank everyone at A Way Out for the help getting me into a treatment center that helped me get clean and sober and the support finding a sober living house so I could gain more time in sobriety.

My life before recovery was in ruin!  I was homeless in “the valley” and truly had reached rock bottom.  I ended my addiction in great desperation to seek help, because I was exhausted of the destructive lifestyle I was living.  I felt as if I had had enough.

During the time I spent in treatment, I learned a lot about my addiction and what the solution to my problem is.  Through the 12 steps and the support of the treatment center and A Way Out, I discovered who I am and what my character defects are.  I have a sponsor, attend 12-step meetings, and believe I have a promising future.

Thank you for your help and the ongoing support you have given me. I wish to give back to others seeking recovery and help in anyway possible.



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