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Concerns about the novel Covid-19 virus has caused many to experience anxiety, worry and feelings of overwhelm.  Trying to keep our families and ourselves safe and well can be stressful.  Lack of work or uncertainty of the future can cause many to reach for alcohol, pot or other substances to “take the edge off.”

It is important to note that a significant amount of social distancing can lead to extreme isolation, which can be especially dangerous to individuals who struggle  with mental health and substance use disorders. In the recovery community (those who are not using and recovering from a substance use disorder) it is widely known that the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, but  connection.

At A Way Out, we work diligently to connect individuals to treatment programs, fun alumni events, one-on-one counseling and counseling for family members.  And, it’s all free.  No one needs to feel alone, discouraged or hopeless.

A Way Out serves residents in Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties at no cost to help individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders.  Connection brings light to the dark places we sometimes go.  Reach out to A Way Out, a friend or family member to find relief and connect .  Connection is what humans need – especially during these trying times.

Have a great day,

Elizabeth Means, CEO

A Way Out

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