Saving My Life

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The first time I heard about A Way Out I was desperate and had exhausted all of my resources, my families resources and my friends.  No one wanted anything to do with me – including myself.

I had spent that last four years using heroin and it was all I cared about.  I would lie, cheat, steal, do anything to get my “fix”.

My family pleaded with me to get help.  I kept saying I could beat this addiction, but I couldn’t.  I tried. Believe me I tried.  I went to a treatment center and was making progress, but then when I got out, I once again said I can manage my drug use.  For all the self-reliance, intelligence, and will power I thought I possessed, I could not find the path to continuous longterm sobriety.  And, every time I failed in my attempts, I got worse.

I became homeless, couch surfing at friend’s places, and utterly demoralized.  Something had to be done.  I had no money and people were sick of me.

Then, I heard about A Way Out.  I heard if you really wanted to get better and make a change they would help you.  I grew up in Glenwood Springs and they cover that area, so I had one thing going for me.

I met with one of their team and talked about my problem.  I filled out an application for help and then I went to an inpatient treatment, which helped me get clean and also taught me about how I think and what my using triggers are.  Then, they thought I could use some help learning to get some time in sobriety, so I went into a sober living house with other guys who helped me be responsible, get a job and be grateful.

I am now working with A Way Out for a year to stay on track.  I continue to learn how to function as a sober, productive and responsible person.  I am becoming trustworthy.  And, I am committed to helping others, being a peer support to those in new recovery.

A Way Out says I saved my life by agreeing to help and following through. I think A Way Out was there for me in my greatest time of need.  Thank you.

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