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There have been many stigmas that have surrounded rehabs since the first opened in 1935 in Lexington, Kentucky, known as The Narcotic Farm. Now, there are over 14,000 rehab facilities in the United States. Though the stigmas have changed over the years, they are still a deterrent to potential participants. There are also many justifications that people use for not going to a rehab.

Here is a short combined list of justifications and stigmas that seem to keep people from entering a rehab facility:

Being on drugs/alcohol makes me more creative

I will not have friends when I get out of rehab

I don’t like groups or public speaking

I have been to rehab before

I cannot work without being on something

I feel happier when I am drunk/or high

My friends will think I am a Narc

I can do it on my own

It costs too much money

I heard they don’t even work

I would be labeled for the rest of my life as an addict

It’s a cult

I am not worth it


Some people end up not getting the help they need and deserve because of these stigmas and justifications. But rehabs can be the stepping-stone to long full life in recovery. If we are open minded and willing to go to any lengths to pursue a life of recovery, a rehab could be a great first step. There are many more resources out there that can help you or your loved one find the road to recovery.

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