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When looking to find a validated alcohol and drug treatment provider, it is important to have a checklist before calling or searching.  To be sure, locating “the right” provider can seem impossible.  A Way Out is here to help anyone who has questions and it is important to find the treatment program specific to your needs. Following are some basic questions to ask to everyone you contact, so you have an idea of who offers what.

  1. What is the cost, are there any discounts, are their any additional costs (medical, supplies, etc.)? Are there any scholarships available?
  2. What type of state/national accreditation or licensing does the program have?
  3. Do they take insurance, what kind, how well has it been paying or covering the longevity of the care?
  4. What credentials and licenses does the program’s clinical staff hold?  They should have a clinical master’s trained background.
  5. Have their been studies that measure the effectiveness of the program’s treatment methods?
  6. Does the program address a fun range of needs to help the individuals including co-occurring mental health conditions, medical, spiritual, social, health and wellness issues?
  7. What is the patient to counselor ratio?
  8. Do they have a medical detox in-house as part of their program?
  9. Does the program offer an individualized treatment program?
  10. Importantly, what type of support is available to help families?
  11. What is the environment of the facility like?
  12. Is there support after leaving treatment? Do they help and facilitate an “after-care” plan?

I hope this helps you or a loved one determine if inpatient or an outpatient treatment program is right for you.  If you have any more questions, let us know.

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