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Words can’t express my gratitude for this scholarship given to my son to get the help and guidance needed to live life in a new light.

My son has struggled with addiction throughout his teenage years landing him in hospitals, institutions, rehabs, jail and many near death moments.

His last bottom took us to a place of complete heartbreak knowing this addiction has taken nearly all the life from my son’s eyes and should.

After working with you for a longterm continuing care program my son has changed and has a positive outlook on his life. Only 18 we were amazed to hear him share his new hope for the future and the new coping tools he has learned to handle life circumstances.

We feel so blessed. Me and my family would never have been able to offer him this support. We believe that A Way Out is truly an organization of Angels that have given our son an opportunity for a new life.

Parent of 18 YO


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