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As most of you know, I am the parent of an addicted loved one.  It wasn’t too long ago when my husband and I didn’t know what to do. where to turn or how to manage.  It was absolutely awful.  Through a lot of searching and struggling, we found help!

We found a local organization called A Way Out that helped us make the fist steps for finding our son help.

We have a good story, we are in a good place.  Our son was ready to get help.  Today, our son has been sober over 9 months now after struggling for 4 years of alcohol and opiate addiction.  We are incredibly proud of him!!!

Through this journey with our son, I’ve become passionate about the importance that families get the help they need too.  There is a lot of guilt and shame for parents of addicted loved ones.  I hope to break this tendency of secrecy among us all by sharing my story in hopes that those who know what I am talking about will reach out for help like we did.

There are solutions. Reach out for help for yourselves because in the end, your loved one will be helped too!

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