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Success in both recovery and life requires discipline and a certain amount of self-sacrifice. The following is a list of recommendations on what to “give up” in order to reach your full potential:

Guidelines for Success in Recovery

1. Give up excuses – You are responsible for your own life. Excuses are nothing more than useless excess baggage holding you back.

2. Give up searching for the “Magic Solution”– “If only ____________” is a dangerous mindset. No one thing will occur to make you happy or successful. What you’re looking for is inside of you right now so start your search there.

3. Give up perfectionism – You are afraid to take the next step because things are not yet perfect. The problem is that things never are and never will be. The universe is chaotic. Remember that refusing to take action is also a choice. 

4. Give up your unhealthy lifestyle – Eating poorly and lack of exercise or sleep literally affects your brain and leads to depression. You gain greater control over your emotions when you lead a healthy lifestyle.

5. Give up your need for control – We’re all guilty of this one. Whether it’s control over a significant other, a child or even aspects of our own lives in the hands of others. Do your best, then accept what comes – it was meant to be.

6. Give up multi-tasking – Can some people do it? Sure, but for us in recovery it’s a recipe for disaster. Do things thoughtfully, mindfully and purposely to stay on track.

7. Give up toxic friends – Negative people find the rain cloud in every silver lining and the problem in every solution. You deserve joy, hope and optimism in your life.

8. Give up the need to be liked – Believe it or not, some people hate Disney World, chocolate and even puppies. You can’t please everyone, so why bother. Trying to do so is a frustrating exercise in futility.

9. Give up wasting time – Time is the most precious commodity because once it’s gone there is no getting it back. Use it wisely and productively. Focus on goals and moving in a positive direction.

10. Give up shortcuts – Anything worth doing is worth doing right and to the best of your ability. Shortcuts merely leave you shortchanged and typically involve an element of risk that is counter-productive to your sober lifestyle.

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