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To all those who make up the A Way Out organization,

I cannot express the tremendous gratitude I have for your organization.  In-patient treatment showed me some of the most resilient and intelligent people of my life – addicts, alcoholics and the ever-so-gracious members of the staff who have given so much of their time to be sure “I got it”.  I learned the value of the 12-step program and the value of friendship.  I live in search of spirituality through the practices of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous.

I have yet to recall a time I have ever felt so hones with myself or in-tune with my higher power.  But most important of all,  I have hope for the future and faith in my sanity being restored and my brain healing.

It is thanks to you all that I am alive today and am so inspired to help others who continue to suffer in the isolated confines of addiction.

I have been sober almost a year now, which is nothing short of a miracle.  I haven’t been totally clean since 12 years old.  I know that I am powerless over drugs and alcohol and that my work towards recovery and staying clean is sober is a daily task.  I am starting to help others who are suffering and I realize that I can only keep what I give away.

My family, friends and I sincerely thank you,


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