Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the A Way Out program. Gifts are 100% tax-deductible. There is a 3.25% fee on all credit card charges.

Supporters such as you provide opportunities for individuals to recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol and find a new way of life.

The most rewarding aspect of the A Way Out program is seeing people, young and old, get their lives back from addiction, begin believing in themselves again and becoming engaged with their loved ones and community. Your dollars can make a real difference!

Your donation provides the support needed for our program to assist people in getting the help they need!

Here is an example of how your donation can help:

$25 Helps to coordinate ongoing Peer-to-Peer support
$50 Provides phone counseling for a client in need
$100 Pays for one day at an intensive out-patient treatment program
$250 Pays for one day at an in-patient treatment program
$500 Helps a young adult in crisis get the assessment needed for assistance
$1,000 Provides a year of Therapeutic After-Care
$2,500 Provides a year of a follow-up with an aftercare plan post treatment
$5,000 Sponsors an adult to go to Residential Day Treatment for 14 days
$10,000 Sponsors an adult to go to Inpatient Treatment for 21 days
$15,000 Sponsors a teen to go to Residential Day Treatment for 30 days
$20,000 Sponsors a teen to enroll in an Inpatient Treatment Facility for 30 days
$25,000 Underwrites a teen or an adult for a comprehensive assessment, In-Patient Treatment and Residential Day Treatment care with a yearlong follow-up aftercare plan.
$50,000+ Underwrites one or more teens or adults for a comprehensive assessment, In-Patient Treatment and Residential Day Treatment care with a year-long follow-up aftercare plan.

Business & Corporate Partners
It is through our business partnerships (whether sponsoring an event, making a cash or in-kind donations or helping an employee or an employee’s family member get to an alcohol/drug treatment facility) that companies experience making a real difference. Saving a life is beyond value. In return, we provide prominent recognition and logo placement for your support.

Pass it On
Become involved in A Way Out annually with an annual $1,000 National Council “Pass it On” membership! Join us today! Click here

  • “Thank you so much for granting us the opportunity to attend the Betty Ford Center Children’s Program. It was an amazing experience for our entire family. We are very grateful.”

  • "I desperately needed help but could not afford the treatment I needed. A Way Out helped me get the support I so desperately needed."

  • "Thanks to A Way Out I have a quality of sobriety that I never could have imagined."

  • "I have struggled with self-esteem and eating issues, drug addiction and alcohol dependency my whole life. I had tried to stay clean and sober from drugs and alcohol but to no avail. A Way Out believed in me so much."

  • "A Way Out has provided me with direction and support to lean into my future, and my fears, and to keep on moving through them."

  • "A Way Out’s support has given me hope and I have stayed sober, since treatment, which is nothing short of a miracle."

  • "Never in a million years did I believe that I would be able to go back to school, stay sober, and be okay with my life and myself. I never had that kind of security inside before working with A Way Out."

  • "The direction of my life has taken a complete 180, and I am forever grateful."

  • "Thank you a thousand times for your support, you saved my life."

  • "My friends in Alcoholics Anonymous were there for me, but I was too scared to go back. A Way Out encouraged me to get into Alcoholics Anonymous again for support and it was the best thing anyone could have done for me."

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