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I want to thanks the generous people who have donated their time and resources to create a way to help others.  My daughter was fortunate enough to receive this help to address her life threatening anorexia of which she had been hospitalized numerous times by the age of 13.  Anorexia is a life threatening addiction to food restriction.  Thanks to A Way Out, we were finally able to place my daughter in a residential treatment facility where she is getting the support and therapy she needs to recover.

Anorexia is a longterm illness, one that takes years of treatment; however, there earlier one catches it and treats it, the better one’s chances for recovery.  My daughter is only 13, and she was 12 when diagnosed.  Her chances are much higher, in part, because of the support we have received from A Way Out.

My family and I thank you for believing in our daughter and helping us support her in her healing process.

With many thanks and the warmest of wishes for all of you at A Way Out.

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