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Our whole family is extremely grateful to A Way Out for creating the opportunity for my brother to save his life. My brother does not do email so he asked me to contact you.  He was a fortunate recipient of A Way out in April of 2018 when he successfully completed a 30 day treatment program. He says to you:

“I would never have sought out the treatment that I needed without the encouragement and financial assistance fro A Way Out.  My disease had progressed to the point where I could never have quit on my own.  When I arrived for treatment I was so bad off that I spent the first week in detox. As it turns out, I was on the brink of death and the great staff at the treatment center you all got me into pulled me through. After going through the detox it was inspiring to me to be sober for the first time in over 50 years and I was motivated to follow the program to stay sober.  Two months ago I celebrated a year of sobriety and I find it easy to maintain my commitment to sobriety.

I just wanted to say thank you to the staff and organization at A Way Out for giving people like me the opportunity to find a way out.”


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