A Letter to A Way Out

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Dear Friends at A Way Out,

Thank you very much for the support for sober living.  I have struggled to stay sober for many years.  I have been able to stay sober for periods of time, but I would fall back into my old ways of drinking and partying over time.  It seems that each year it gets worse, until I became a daily drinker, which I never had been before.

I knew I couldn’t stop, but I did not know what to do.  I have tried therapy and a few outpatient programs, but none of them worked.  I thank my lucky stars that I found A Way Out.  You all guided me to the right treatment program and stayed with me this whole year.  Having the extra support of sober living with other women has helped me face many challenges in early sobriety with help.  My emotions are evening out, I no long want to drink and drug and I am truly feeling happy for the first time in a long time.  But the most important thing is, I feel hope.  I believe I can do this.  I can hold down a job, I can be trustworthy and I can be a good mom.  Thank you for everything.

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