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Before I moved here from Washington to start my journey of sobriety, I had very little knowledge of what would happen or what great people I could come across.

During my stay at inpatient treatment my sponsor suggested that I continue my journey in sobriety by going to sober living.   I was super broke and skeptical because of m financial situation, so much so that I kept trying to persuade myself that it was not a good option for me at the time.  But, as time passed at inpatient treatment, I heard nothing but wonderful things about sober living after treatment, so I wanted to pursue this.

My sponsor told me about A Way Out. I got to meet their team and apply for scholarship assistance.  They were awesome and I now have 3 months – a miracle.  Every morning during meditation and prayer, I thank my higher power for the opportunity I have been given to get well.

I have become much stronger in my sobriety and have been very involved in the sober community in Pitkin and Garfield Counties. I am becoming a better person. I follow all that is asked of me, because my life depends upon it. I am attending daily AA meetings because they help me see where I came from and who I can become. Hey, it’s free therapy!

All in all, I am thankful for this experience and I could not have done it without you guys. Thank you for all you do. The AWO team has saved my life and I am thankful every day.  Best to you all, xxxxxx

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