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Dear A Way Out,

About two years ago I started to become aware of the possibility that my daughter, XXXXXX, may have a drinking problem.
Not being very knowledgeable about alcoholism as a disease, I missed the warning signs that ultimately
propelled her into a downward spiral of alcohol abuse.

This all culminated in her being incarcerated for child endangerment. Her four year old son XXXXX, our grandson, has seen and heard the ugly side of her alcoholism.

As it turned out, A Way Out , saved my daughter and our grandson’s lives. The treatment and support and your
empathy for our family was the cornerstone of building a future for her. Without the foundation, we all may still
be in limbo. Alcoholism has affected the entire family and we as a family, have had to face some
truths that ultimately will prove to be healing. We do not live in the area and relied on you and
your tireless concern to help Kristin find the best option for recovery.

Both my wife and I cannot begin to tell you how significant your personal involvement and help with financial support helped secure a place for XXXX to begin her journey. A Way Out offered XXX the dignity to move forward and embrace her struggles to begin this long process.

We are forever grateful for what you all have done.


Parent of A Way Out Client

Written on April 30, 2016

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