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(Letter from an AWO client from two and a half years ago.  Yes, being clean and sober really is worth it!

Good Morning A Way Out!

Long time no talk! How are things?! I wanted to share with you that my life is going really well. Sobriety is still number one and I work on it every day.

Attached are two pictures. One is of me and my rec league softball team and WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN this year! Wahoooo! Two years in a row. I am the one in the picture laying in front of everyone!

I got extremely emotional after the game. Just reflecting on how beautiful my life is compared to two summers ago. Last summer, my first summer in sobriety we won as well. I am so grateful Liz for these moments. For it is these moments and memories that really hit home how important it is that my sobriety is number one.

The other picture I sent is of me, my twin sister, and dad having dinner together at his house last week!

Lastly, I am going back to the treatment center you sent me to on August 19th to share my story! I am going to be the Saturday night speaker!! I am nervous and excited. I want to continue to inspire and help people.

Thank you for everything  and I wont let it go so long before I write you again!!

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